Monday, June 8, 2015

Attended Game Recap : Cardinals 4 at Dodgers 2 On June 7th, 2015

Even though I have been to a few games this year in multiple states I have been slacking on doing these game recaps. I wanted to get back to doing more posts that were not just about cards so I have started up the movie reviews again and I knew sooner or later that I would get back to these recaps and yesterday's game was the perfect one to welcome myself back.

I informed the wife earlier in the month that I wanted to go to this game as the hated Cardinals were in town for their one and only visit to Dodger Stadium during the regular season (see you guys in the playoffs though) and with this being a Sunday night game it would the perfect opportunity to grab a couple of tickets at a discount price and to insure we were sitting in the shade. Both of those goals were accomplished. I found out that Manny Mota would be signing at Viva Los Doyers prior to the game and even though I have a few autographs from Mr. Mota there was one a picture of him on his famous tryke that I wanted him to sign. With that we headed to the stadium early and went over to Lot 6 were Mota was signing. As always he was very nice and personable and signed everything that people put in front of him and he posed for pictures with anyone that asked.

Mota and I with signed photo

A closer look.
The pic is a little dark but his signature is in blue sharpie.

Thank you again to Manny for accommodating me and everyone else and their requests. 

After that the wife and I decided to walk around the event to pick up some freebies. We ended up with a couple of Dodger cups, milk chocolate and some lip balm. Everything is nicer when its free. Thank you to all the sponsers for their handouts.

With that done we headed into the stadium and since we were hungry (me moreso) we went straight to Fries, Fries, Fries as I am a fry whore. We tired the new Lasorda aka Italian styled version with meatballs. Not too bad. With stomachs full we headed to our seats in Loge 153 and that's where the fun began.

The game itself was decent enough until the Cardinals drove Greinke out of the game and our bullpen once again crapped the bed and what was a 2-0 lead turned into a 4-2 deficit. Zack did his job but the bullpen did not. It was nice to see Puig back on the field and it looks like his hamstring is doing much better as he scored from 1st on a double by Turner to give them a 1-0 lead. Yasiel is still rusty though as he let a "routine" single turn into a triple by Holliday which changed the whole dynamic of the game which the Dodgers could not recover from. 

The redbirds are the team that the Dodgers are going to have to figure out how to beat if they ever hope to make it back to the fall classic. Unless one or both of these teams completely collapses they are destined to meet once again in the playoffs and I am saying it right now that whoever wins between them will win the 2015 World Series no matter who comes out of the American League. Time for the Dodgers to man up. 

The game with the wife was fun but getting yet another 15 seconds of Dodger fame made it all the better. At the top of 5th inning representatives of the Dodgers made their way down our aisle and stopped at a couple behind us and asked them a question. I wasn't really paying attention till I heard "contest" and at that point I listened in more. They declined as English was their second language and we don't think they really realized what was being asked of them. My lovely wife steps in and volunteers me stating, oh yeah, he will do it. Now the pressure is on. The game I was to play was "Quarter Minute To Win It" where I was to be given a topic/word and I had to name as many words associated with that word and hopefully that would be more than what my Dodger competitor could name. My opponent? One Yasiel Puig. English barrier advantage for the Penguin. The prize?

The contest

Gift card at stake

Even though I don't shop at Sports Authority much if I was lucky enough to win it I could flip it for an eBay card for more autograph purchases. Yes, I already had a plan even though I hadn't won anything yet. 

This oh so friendly young lady came down with her camera man prior to the contest and set up shop. While nice enough she could have been more personable but I am sure she has to deal with a lot of problem people so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Giving the wife a thumbs up as I was ready to go. Let's do this.

Her and I talking as we are being broadcast over Dodger vision with me of course "talking" with my hands once again. Anyone that knows me knows I love to gesture talk.

Her and I again from a different view as everyone in the stadium can now see my lovely mug on Diamond Vision. You're welcome everyone. Ha Ha.

Time to play. What would the topic be? Hopefully something "easy". Here it is.

What luck as the wife just made us a fruit smoothie before we left for the stadium so "fruit" was still fresh in my mind. Now, could I name more fruits than Puig in 15 seconds? I was pretty confident but I still had to perform. Ding and we were off. I rambled off strawberry and banana, as that was in our smoothie, and then I paused for a moment. D'oh. Slight brain freeze but I started up again and named off some more and with a little help from the crowd (thank you) I believe I got up to 10-11 before my time was up. Now it was Puig's turn and he said banana to start off with and then said some Spanglish words that I couldn't understand and 15 seconds later I was declared the winner.

Here's me with gift card in hand rambling about the Dodgers into the camera. Thankfully I won as you don't want to be that person that didn't win. I've been to enough games to know how the crowd reacts to them.

So while the Dodgers didn't win the game and yet lost another opportunity to pad their lead in the west the wife and I had fun together and I got to have some fun and win a gift card. Thank you again to the Dodgers for running the contest.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I still find this story hilarious and surreal... and it didn't even happen to me! Anyway, congrats.

    1. Ty sir.
      Felt like I was in a fish bowl with everyone looking at me.

  2. Ha. That made me laugh. Congrats on being famous. Do you take TTM auto requests?

    The Cardinals are a bunch of sorcerers. I keep convincing myself that they will fall apart in August since they use their bullpen so much. They are on pace to win about 110 games.

    1. Now if I can work that into making some money then Id be good.
      TTM sounds good but we can do IP when Im there in August.
      = )

      I am so sick of the Cardinal way and their righteousness. No Adam and they keep on trucking. Im rooting for you guys to knock them off.

  3. Replies
    1. It was something different...yet cool.

  4. Your autograph from Mota came out great, especially with him on the bike. He is always a generous signer. Congrats on the gift card as well.

    1. TY. Agreed with you. Everytime I have seen him whether it was for an autograph or not he has always been very personable. TY, already sold it for an eBay gc. Ha ha