Friday, June 19, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Five Star : Hanley Ramirez Base Autograph (7/50)

There are four Dodgers in the 2014 Five Star issue that I was/am looking to getting my hands on. I already have the big one (Kershaw) acquired which left me with two lesser ones (Hanley and Fernando) and a maybe (Guerrero) left. I was able to snag Hanley finally.

Kershaw was the priority as he always is and should be but getting an on card autograph of Hanley was a close second. Even though he is no longer on the Dodgers I still wanted one of him in Dodger blue as the only other autograph I had of him is a sticker variety that was acquired as a place holder till I could get an on card one. Well I finally was able to get that handled.

With only 50 copies (making it the least amount of the remaining 3 Dodgers) out there I expected prices to be highish and most auctions closed at over $30 which meant I had to really push that other Hanley card I had on eBay so I could use those funds to pick up this one. That sale concluded and with it I acquired this much better looking Hanley autograph card. For a Five Star card it looks to be in gem mint condition but I have no plans or intentions to have it graded.

7 / 50

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