Monday, June 1, 2015

Jamming June

Last month was the official start to the summer movie season but later this month is the official beginning of summer season and with it the wife and I have a full plate of activities that we will be doing and I for one am looking forward to it and can't wait to have some great fun with her and our friends and family.

Last year we slacked on attending live music shows/concerts and I have made it my personal goal to not let that happen again this year. After last month's outdoor show we head back indoors on the 1st Saturday of the month and watch our favorite cover band of Sublime, Badfish. If you love Sublime you will love Badfish and I look forward to this show every year as it becomes one big sing along to classic Sublime songs. We will be rocking out.

After recovering from Saturday's concert we will head to Dodger Stadium to attend the latest battle between two bitter rivals, the Dodgers and Cardinals. The Cardinals have become a major pain in the ass for the Dodgers and every year I have said that as long as the blue does not have to play the Cardinals in the playoffs we will make the World Series and this year is no different. The Cardinals are in our heads and till we can prove we can handle and move past them in the playoffs we will always be playing second fiddle to them. This game which will be played on Sunday night is the game of the week and the Dodgers will have the whole country watching. Time to put up or shut up.

What would a summer month be without a loud and special effects driving movie? After many years we get another entry into the Jurassic Park franchise with Star Lord ... I mean Chris Pratt now the leading man even though we all know we are going to this film to watch some dinosaurs devour and destroy. Time to get our dino on.

Of course what could make this movie even better....?

Why Legos that's what. Yes, I am an adult (age wise), yes this is a "kids" game but damn it if these Lego games aren't some of the best games out there and with this one coming out the same day as the movie you know I will be plopped down in front of the TV for some brick busting fun. Can't wait to go stud finding and dinosaur hunting.

A couple weeks later on Friday the 26th we arrive to raunchy and moody as two different releases on two different mediums cast a weekend of entertainment.

Thunder buddies for life. Yup, Ted is back and he is looking to have a child. Yes, a stuffed animal is trying to have a kid. The first movie was raunchy, wrong and dirty and it left me wanting more. Well thank you to Mr. McFarlane I along with millions of people get to watch Marky Mark and Ted's adventures once again and even though most comedy sequels never live up to the original I am holding out hope for this one and look to laugh my ass off well into the night.

After watching Ted and his hi jinks it will be time to get serious and gritty as the latest (and supposedly last) entry into the Batman Arkham series. The previous games have been great and I expect no less from this one and I know I will be playing this one through the summer as I know it will be time consuming since there is so much to explore and discover.

That concludes a very busy upcoming month and that is only with things that are planned not including what I assume will be added to all of this. I thoroughly enjoy the summer months as there are so many things to do and see and it looks like June will be no different.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. That sounds like a good month. My wife and I hit were frequent concert goers up until we had our daughter. Now that our free time is more limited we usually choose more relaxing ventures.

    1. Nothing like seeing the wife smile as she is getting her live music, Kids do take out certain activities but you can revisit them once they are grown up and out of the house. Well at least we can take kids to baseball games right?
      = )