Thursday, June 18, 2015

Trade with Follower Gavino From Instagram - 2012 Topps Triple Threads : Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon Autograph w/Relics (16/18)

I recently completed my first trade and second overall transaction on Instagram. I think the both of us came out happy.

As long time readers know I am not a fan of sticker autographs and the only one I have left of Kershaw is the one I won from  The Dutch Card Guy as I spent over 8 hours online typing in over 400 comments and then got the luck of the draw and had my choice of cards that he was giving away which of course I took the Kershaw autograph. I earned that and sticker or not I am keeping that bad boy. All the others sticker ones in my collection though I have sold and picked up on card versions to replace them so when Gavino reached out to me about this card I was hesitant to the trade.

Gavino wanted a Joc autograph and I had one that I was not attached to so I was willing to spare it. But of course that would not have been equal as he wanted/needed a Kershaw autograph of some sort back. The only I was willing to depart with was an IP one I picked up a couple years ago and since I personally didn't get in person I was not attached to it. I offered it up to Gavino and he was good with it. So he received an IP autograph of Kershaw and a Bowman Sterling autograph of Joc and I received this nice card.

If there was only Kershaw's autograph on the card I would have taken a pass on it but having two of my favorite past Dodgers on it made it more desirable to me. It being numbered out only of 18 also made it attractive to me. So after I swore off sticker autographs I went out and acquired another one and I am OK with that. I had planned to submit it to BGS in my next batch and once the card was in hand I have not changed my mind about that. There is a slight fraying on one corner which will probably make that sub grade a 9 but I think everything else holds up to make this an overall gem mint card. We shall see in October. Thank you again goes out to Gavino for the trade.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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