Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Museum : Adrian Gonzalez Base Blue Parallel (85/99)

I am determined to complete my checklist of wanted cards (minus the autos) from this year's Museum set before Bowman drops next week. This post is being written up on the 23rd of April so we shall see if I can do it or not. It would be much easier if I could acquire them like I did this one.

At the time of this acquisition the prices for Museum had not been released. As I write this post they have since the purchase date and this card clocks in with a high of $8 and a low of $3. Personally $2 would probably be the most I would fork over for this card. I haven't seen too many copies on eBay but this one popped up and it was right at my sweet spot of a price of .99 cents with no additional shipping costs. Nice. Traditional 7 day auction and on the last day there hadn't been a bid put on it. Seconds left and I put mine in and low and behold I was the only one to bid. 99 cent purchases are the best.

I expected the card to come in a PWE but was pleasantly surprised that it traveled to me in a bubble mailer. It ended up costing the seller money to sell this card. Ouch for him and good for me. Now to make my goal of acquiring all these blue beauties before Bowman is released. The hunt continues.

85 of 99

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