Sunday, June 14, 2015

Movie Review : Jurassic World

Time some Dino mayhem this weekend and it's twofold as I get to enjoy dinosaurs on two different mediums. First up is the video game where the Dinos are brought to life in Lego form. That will hold my attention for a few weeks as I look to chomp on some Lego humans. The other is the latest installment into the Jurassic Park franchise that hasn't seen a new entry since 2001. This will be the fourth in the series.

I recently caught the first Jurassic Park movie on basic cable and that movie came out 21 years ago so this movie should blow that first one out of the water when it comes to the special effects. At the time of the first film the effects were considered some of the best and now looking back I won't say they were cheesy but you can see the advancement in technology since then. Chris Pratt is hot commodity right now (and who isn't that is affiliated with any of the Marvel films) and he is looking to head yet another franchise. He has the personality for it so the sky is the limit.

Highlights :
  • For nostalgic nuts there is no shortage of "nods" to the original Jurassic Park movie.
  • No cheesy special effects here. Top notch from the smallest to the biggest of dinos
  • Movie gives respect to the dinos and doesn't treat them as dumb creatures.
  • Humor is well placed and fits the spots in the movie.
Low Lights :
  • The black characters in movies always seem to get the short end of the stick and here is no different. 
  • Humans are still "dumb" when it comes to engaging these beasts.
  • Plot holes and time errors are still annoying when you see them.
  • Park attendees are too "calm" when confronted with the dinosaurs.
Final Thoughts :

I went in to this film wanted to see some bad ass dinosaurs and that is exactly what I received. That is all I can ask for in a summer flick and this one delivered. Chris Pratt is on top of the world as he leads yet another movie franchise and is perfectly cast in this new entry into the Jurassic Park world. He is down to earth and has a healthy understanding and respect for the dinosaurs which can't be said for other characters. Some see them as money makers while other see them as potential weapons in wars around the world. Not much to the plot but of course not much was expected either. See dinosaur in captivity, see dinosaur break out, see humans try to recapture said dinosaur.

The movie does not spend much time trying to force anything onto the audience other than dinosaur mayhem and it is better for it that way. If you want watch a possible real world scenario or movie with layers of depth then you are in the wrong theater as there is none of that here. If you want to watch dinosaurs, new and old, causing destruction then this is right up your alley. I turned off my brain for 2 hours and enjoyed what was presented to me. I enjoyed my time and this movie is definitely for the big screen and not the living room.

Final Grade : A very strong B but leaning upwards to a B+ if push came to shove

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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