Sunday, June 7, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps : Clayton Kershaw Base Silver Frame Parallel (18/20)

It's always a happy day here when I get my hands on a long sought after card of the Dodger's super ace Clayton Kershaw. More so when compared to other sales of the same card went for more than twice what I acquired it for,

These silver, metal parallels from this year's flagship Topps brand are a pain to get a hold especially if the player you are tracking is popular like Kershaw here. Lucky me (sarcasm attached) Clayton has TWO different cards (not counting the league leader ones which I am not going after) in the set so that means I "needed" both. Also since they are only numbered to 20 they are hard to come by and not all of them see the open market. The first one was pretty easily acquired and I was lucky enough for it to come back from BGS as a 9.5 gem mint. This one though has been much harder as not as many copies have reached eBay compared to the other one.

Before I started hunting these down a couple of Kershaws sold between $60-$75 and that was before the season started. Another one popped up and I contacted the seller to see if I could get it at a nice low price. They resisted and I had a feeling that they made the right decision as I expected it would sell high. Well it did to the tune of $120+. Ugh. That was at least the 4th one to make it to the bay so I didn't know how many more of the 16 would ever be available for purchase but I kept searching everyday to see if one would pop up.

A month plus of eBay trolling and finally this one popped up at my lunch hour. The listing just went live 2 minutes prior to me finding it. Had an opening bid of 99 cents and a BIN option. Beckett has this pegged at $60 which I think is a tad low. My cost? Lets just say that it was more 50% off that previous $120 transaction I missed out on and I am immensely happy with this one. Damn right as I clicked that BIN button and had the card in hand within a week. Card looks to be in perfect condition and I look forward to submitting it to BGS in the coming month(s) and God willing pare it up with my other aforementioned gem mint, silver, metal parallel of Kershaw.

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  1. What a beauty. Seems like most Kershaw cards picture him in this pose, but it's a hell of a good one.

    1. TY
      That obviously is one of many problems Topps has they reuse the same photos. Hell sometimes from year to year. But still, its Kershaw
      = )