Saturday, June 20, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Five Star : Troy Tulowitzki Golden Graphs Autograph (11/50)

Another long search to reacquire an autograph that was "lost" last year due to the ball purge has been completed. A tiring pursuit but well worth it in the end.

Tulo has one of the most simplistic signatures in baseball but unlike others (looking at you Wil Myers) this one looks good and you see how it could really be associated with his name. When healthy Troy is one of if not the best offensive shortstop in the game today. Problem is he keeps getting hurt. Even with that though I still wanted his autograph back in my collection. The problem was finding one that was affordable but still of good quality. Once again, enter Topps Five Star.

It seems (to me at least) that most of Troy's on card autographs are low numbered and hence higher in price. I tried the Allen and Ginter route but never got any traction there. Once the checklist for the 2014 issue of Five Star came out and I saw that Troy was on it with a base card and this golden subset I knew one of them would have to be mine.

I never saw many copies of the base autograph but did find a few of these golden gems. Found the one that had a none streaky autograph and luckily it was also on a BIN auction with a best offer attached. After a little give and go with the seller I was able to secure the card. Card looks even better in person and I might do a BGS raw grade review when they are out in my neck of the woods again. Looks borderline mint/gem mint. We shall see.

11 of 50

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