Monday, June 15, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Five Star : Phil Nikero Base Autograph (62/299)

What I am sure is going to become my yearly autograph fix of past stars that I know will have their autographs on card instead of a sticker. Five Star is back and even though I will always get my Dodger autographs from this brand I look for those players I missed before and can't get elsewhere. First up is one of the Niekro brothers, Phil

Phil is a 300 game winner and though he was on my wish list of autographs to acquire he was far from ever being a priority but with the 2014 Five Brand release I saw that he was included in the set and once I saw the card I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. I love these retro uniforms that the Braves wore back in the day. I attest it to the blue and white combination. Sound familiar?

With 299 copies and my presumed guess that there wouldn't be that much demand for Phil's card I waited on the sidelines for the price to come down from its initial out of the box high price. A few weeks dropped the price from the high 20's to the mid teens and soon enough I found this one's price to my liking and picked it up. Autograph is crisp and card is in overall great condition. Probably my one and only every Phil autograph in my collection but a welcome one.

62 of 299

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  1. Hey I like it. I have an auto of Phil, unfortunately he is wearing a Yankees uniform. I like yours much better, LOL.

    1. Even though I am a Dodger fan I like the "classy and classic" pinstripes of NY BUT I do love this retro look of ATL.