Monday, June 29, 2015

Movie Review : Ted 2

He'sssss back.
That's right, our favorite foul mouthed talking bear is back for another round of raunchiness and you know I had this date circled on my calendar to catch this flick in the theater.

Most good comedies, which the first Ted was, do not need sequels and are lacking if they do make a second installment but I held out hope that Seth McFarlane wouldn't let us down with his newest chapter.

Highlights :

  • Raunchiness is alive and intact. No filters here
  • Same characters are back other than Mila Kunis. Kept from having to set up story and was just able to jump right into it.
  • Numerous cameos (not as much as Entourage though) and most hit it right on the head.
  • Pop culture references front and center with none being too sacred to make fun of.
  • Even at almost 2 hours there was little down time as story progressed at a quick pace.
Low Lights :

  • No Mila Kunis
  • I know Seth loves them but opening dance number was dragging way too long.

Final Thoughts :

You would think with minimal low lights that this is a perfect or a great movie. It is not but I sure laughed my ass off for most of the flick. If you are a fan of Family Guy or the 1st Ted then you will most likely enjoy this movie. If raunchy humor is not your cup of tea stay far away from this movie as you will probably be offended.

The plot is pretty bare (pun intended) as Ted is trying to have a baby but is informed that he is property and not a real "person" so he is not allowed to have kids. As the story moves forward it places the Thunder Buddies in various scenarios that beg for bad taste humor to ensue which they make sure happens. Blind people, geeks, nerds, multiple races et al are not immune to their hijinks.

I needed an escape when I saw this film and with low expectations due to it being a sequel I was treated to a laugh out loud comedy which didn't hold any punches and I couldn't be happier. This film is definitely not for everyone but if you typically like potty mouth humor you will probably love this movie.

Final Grade : B+

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Why was Mila Kunis' character not in the plot? Is it explained?

    1. The got married but divorced as they were not "right" for each other.