Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Card of the Day - 2011 Bowman : Corey Seager Perfect Game All-American Classic Autograph (105/235)

Continuing my hunt to add to my Corey Seager autograph collection and I finally was able to acquire one that I have always had my eye on but could never pull the trigger on due to a number of reasons.

This is a unique card as it is a 2011 card but was not issued until 2014 in that year's Bowman release. The other trick is to make sure you pick one up that is serialized as Bowman also gave away unsigned and non serialized ones that people then had Corey sign and try to sell them at a premium to unsuspecting buyers.

Other than just wanting another Seager I had this on watch list as technically this is his "1st" autograph from a major card brand. The 2012 Bowman Chrome gets most of the headlines but since this is a 2011 if proceeds that one in my mind even though it wasn't released till 2014 which is after the 2012 Bowman Chrome. Confused yet? Another reason for the wanting of this card is that it is a low numbered card. Lower the production the higher the demand. Not saying it will get there but Kris Bryant of the Cubs also has one of these types of Bowman cards and they book for $700 in raw form. Seager is nowhere near that but if he produces this might be a nice card to have.

The particular copy was on a BIN auction with a best offer and after a few days of going back and forth we finally agreed on a price that was good for the both of us. I knew whenever I acquired a copy of this autograph I would turnaround and send it to BGS for grading and hopefully get a 9.5 in return. When acquiring this card I knew that centering was not perfect on the front but if can hold a 9 sub grade I think the other 3 sub grades should get at least a 9.5 if not a 10 as I see no defects whatsoever. The autograph is crisp and clean too. Knock on wood but either way this is a beautiful card and glad I finally got my hands on one.

One Hundred and Five
Two Hundred and Thirty Five

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