Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trade with Fellow Blogger : Alex Of Chavez Ravining

A chapter in my collecting world is sadly coming to an end with this post. Hopefully in a few years that will change but this will be the last post for the foreseeable future when it comes to trading with Alex of Chavez Ravining. For those that do not know Alex has taken a temporary and possibly permanent leave from the collecting world as he will be concentrating on school and life in general. I also had similar sabbatical (for different reasons) back in 2001 and only came back to the hobby in 2013. Hopefully he will not be gone for over a decade like I was as we had a great trading relationship. 

With that said, Alex had cards he needed to unload and what better chance to do our final trade. He has plans to come down here next month for a Dodger game and he was planning to buy my season tickets for a game but we just switched it to a trade. Some cards for some tickets. The only card I "had" to have back is an Adrian Beltre autograph card that I traded to him back in August of 2013. Even though I since then have reacquired the same card I wanted to have an extra copy. Both are ear marked for BGS grading of course. To even out the trade I told Alex to just throw in whatever he felt like and we would call it even. He sent a couple handfuls of base cards which I won't go over (too many) but he did include more autographs and that is my collection priority so here they are.

Donruss Federowicz

First up is this on card/jersey autograph of former Dodger Tim Federowicz. As Alex knows I am not the biggest fan of non licensed cards but it still is an autograph which is always a good thing. I have a Tim autograph with him in USA colors so this is available for trade if anyone is interested in it.

Bowman Sterling Windle

Next up is an on card autograph of yet another former Dodger, Tom Windle, who is now part of the Phillie organization. I already have a copy of this card but it never hurts to have another for trade purposes so if anyone is interested this one is also available for trade.

Bowman Chrome Billingsley

One of my favorite former Dodgers makes an appearance. Chad is yet another player who is now with the Phillie organization but when he was a Dodger he was always a class act I am sure he still is on the east coast. This is a PSA 9 graded rookie card of his which I did not have as of yet. I am not a fan of PSA nor does the grade matter to me so I cracked it open and put it in my collection as a raw card. Great luck to the Defiant, PA resident unless he is pitching against the Dodgers.

Topps Fan Favorite Sax

166 / 215

Another great card of a former Dodger and this time its Steve Sax. While I have autograph photos of the Saxman I did not own an on card autograph till now. This card was never on any of my eBay searches and thankfully it wasn't as now I received it for "free". 

Topps Retired Lopes

Second to last card and the one I think has the best visual appeal. Love these retired autographs and even though I own an on card autograph of Lopes this one trumps it which makes the other one expendable. These came sealed but like the Billingley card I have opened it up and put it in my own case. 

Upper Deck Beltre

And lastly the card that started the trade off and the one I get to welcome back home after months away, Adrian Beltre in Dodger blue with an on card autograph. 

Thank you again to Alex for all the cards and it is appreciated as always. If this is our last trade then it was a great final one but hopefully in future years we can do another when or if you decide to rejoin the hobby. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Nice cards. You cracked Bills out of the case? Aw, I actually like PSA, but really more for vintage cards or auto authentication. Anyway, we will all miss Alex. Solid dude.

    1. I havent yet but I will. Like you I like PSA for vintage but for newer I prefer BGS but Chad's card is not priority to have graded. He is a good guy. He will be down here in a couple weeks and probably at least once a year for a Dodger game.

    2. I agree with you. If I had a modern card that was worth grading, I would probably go the BGS route.

    3. ... go take a look at Twitter on what I just mentioned u
      = )

  2. I'm a huge Beltre fan. Probably one of the most under appreciated players in baseball. Should be a hall of famer some day.

    1. Always have been as well. Dodgers should have never let him walk. Yes, he will be a HOF member. Probably as a Ranger but you could argue should be a Dodger as his best yrs were as a Dodger. 1 year in Boston doesnt count

  3. Glad you liked the cards! Thanks again for the trade. Hopefully it pays off and the Dodgers win. I'm thinking about picking up a higher priced card (vintage or auto) every once in a while as time goes by, so hopefully I can make the occasional post on the good 'ol blog. Of course, I'll still be an ardent reader of yours. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for the them again. Hopefully they do win. We are still working on schedule for that day so maybe we will be there as well. Will keep you informed. See, told you, even though you are out they always drag you back in, yes a gangster reference. Thank you again for the help getting my blog off the ground back in the day