Friday, June 26, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Five Star : C.C. Sabathia Golden Graphs Autograph Blue Parallel (1/20)

Sometimes you have restraint which makes you have patience then there is patience thrust upon you because you have no choice in the matter. For this card it was the latter and not the former for me and I ended up acquiring a better version because of it.

I have never owned a C.C. autograph even though I always wanted one. Problem was that he doesn't have many licensed cards on the market and since I am out of the ball market (never found one to my liking when I was collecting them) I had to bide my time. Found out that my favorite autograph brand Five Star was scheduled to feature him in their 2014 issue. The only "problem" was that he was only going to be in the golden graph and silver signature subsets and not in the main set. That meant less copies to pick and chose from. I wasn't going to be deterred though.

I would have preferred the silver signature autograph or the non parallel golden graph as I would say I lost out on at least 15 different auctions as even with the Beckett book value at $50-$60 I continuously got out bid as prices soared past $30 with some touching $45. Wanted it but not that bad. One day this card came up for sale and had a very low starting asking price. With it being the lower numbered blue parallel there is no Beckett book but if there was it would be around $65-$70 I would assume. The only problem for me was that the auction ended at 4 in the morning.

Last day of the auction there was one bid on it so I put in what I thought would just be a token bid and when I did it made me the high bidder. Off to sleep I went "knowing" I would lose out again. I woke up and to my surprise I did not lose but actually finally won a C.C. autograph and for less than every other one I had previously lost out on. Go figure. So, my "patience" paid off and I am now the proud owner of a C.C. autograph.

First of only twenty

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  1. Maybe I'll finally decide to get a certified Sabathia autograph once he gets his ERA below five... Awesome card!

    1. LOL.
      That is why now is the perfect time to pick it up on the cheap like I did.
      Good luck when you start to search and thank you.