Sunday, June 21, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Zack Greinke Base Blue Refractor Parallel (79/250)

Some transactions are won and completed in a couple of days while others may take up to a week or so then there are those like this one where it took 3 months to complete and I am surprised I even received the card.

I won this card on eBay on afternoon for a little over $1. It was a set need and for the cost of a candy bar I couldn't pass it up. Paid the seller and he stated he mailed it and we were good to go. A month passed and I had yet to received the card. Contacted the seller and asked for tracking number which he did not have as he didn't pay for it. I ended up getting a refund a day later. I informed him that if the card ever came in I would send him his money back. I wasn't holding my breath though. 2 months passed and low and behold look what showed up in my mailbox? Opened up the envelope and the card was properly packaged and in great condition. I looked at the post mark and it was dated a day after the transaction was done. Once again, USPS drops the ball and had my card in limbo for almost 3 months. To their "credit" it finally arrived. Never expected to see it but thankful that it did.

Contacted the seller and gave him the heads up and asked what email he would like his money sent to. He declined stating that he was more "impressed" by my honestly and told me to keep the money (it was only a dollar). So in the end it took 3 months but I received a FREE card. Woo Hoo.

79 / 250

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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