Monday, December 21, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number THIRTY-ONE - 2014 Topps Five Star : Miguel Cabrera Base Autograph (1/50) Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2014 Topps Five Star Miguel Cabrera Autograph /50

Miguel here was another one of the cards I was going to do a raw review and if it came back as a 9 or God forbid a 8.5 I would not submit it for full slabbing but with the massive discount the group is getting I decided to send it in for a full slabbing treatment. The issue I know that this card will have are the corners. As most Five Star cards are subject to that this one has not the sharpest corners. As long as they come back with a 8.5 on that sub grade I am confident everything else will grade out to at least a 9 if not 9.5 for an overall 9 return, If the corners come back as an 8 then I will be irritated and probably will crack it open and try again with another Cabrera card.

We have reached the final week of BGS submission results and even though it is not a full week as there are only 3 left they are biggies (or at least in my eyes they are) and with that we reach the last of the gem mint 9.5's. Yup, guess what the next 2 will be? = ) More on that in the next 2 days but for now we come to a future Hall of Fame inductee, one Miguel Cabrera.

Even though I had the mini metal Puig card pegged one more slot below Cabrera here, Miguel's result is the biggest surprise considering the brand that the card comes from, Topps Five Star. I like many people love the thickness of these (and other brands) but conditioning can and is always an issue and even though I have had my fair share of great returns from BGS when it comes to Five Star I have also have had my disappointments and I was all prepared to not have a smile when the results came back for this card. To my great surprise though this beauty of a former Triple Crown winner actually came back as a gem mint 9.5.

I was correct in my thinking that the corners were going to be the issue and they indeed earned a 9 but that was actually higher than what I thought they would earn. I prepared myself that they would come back with an 8.5 but the other subs would garner 9.5's which would make it a solid 9. Well instead of a solid 9 I now own a "weak" 9.5. I'll take that any day of the week.

It might be "weak" but it's still a gem mint card

A perfect 10 on autograph

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