Saturday, December 12, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Chrome : Hyun-Jin Ryu Base Autograph

.... Zzzzzz.... Oh what? It's here? Holy crap really?

I have submitted multiple cards through Topps redemption program but none of them took as long as this one did to get to me. I originally picked up the redemption card for this Ryu autograph way back at the end of 2013! Yes almost two years ago I entered the code into Topps website and waited patiently for it. I have heard stories of long wait periods but till now it has never happened to me. Well I can now join that club.

Ryu had been injured all year and wondered why he couldn't just sit down and knock these out for the fans but I guess he had other priorities. I thought of calling Topps to see what I could get in replace of Ryu but I decided to stick it out and my patience paid off.

I logged onto the website to see what the status was for my Kershaw and Urias redemptions (still pending) and was surprised to see this card was recently shipped to me. Woo hoo. A few days later it arrived in what I believe to be gem mint condition. I am happy to finally have this card in hand and to add to my Ryu autograph collection and can't wait for 2016 and hope he has a rebound year.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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