Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas And A Gift From Fellow Blogger Frankie

First off I want to say Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you that has taken the time to visit my little corner in the internet world to read my blog or just look at the pictures. It is appreciated and as I have met many of you in person and have developed friendships from there and then there are those that I have never met and probably never will but we have great internet relationships. Again, Merry Christmas to you all and your loved ones and may this holiday season bring you much happiness and joy. Enjoy it, love it and be safe.

Now for the card(s) of the day. I went to my post office looking for Christmas gifts I had ordered for the family and noticed that there was a package from Frankie aka My Life in the Sports Card Hobby sitting in the box. Hmm.. we hadn't set up a trade recently so I wondered what was in the envelope. Low and behold it was a stack of cards. Frankie had sent me a Christmas care package out of the kindness of his heart. Now I feel bad as I did not send out any packages to any of my good trade partners which he was/is and continues to be a part of.

Obviously with me being a Dodger fan it was all Dodgers which meant all goodies for the collection. Here are the highlights with the final card being a biggie.

Yeah, can't go wrong when you get the chance to add more cards of these 2 great southpaws to your collection. Great looking examples of a past great and a current great who is on a Hall of Fame path.

2015 was a bust for Mr. Ryu but I am looking and hoping for a bounce back year in 2016 for our favorite Korean. I love me some chrome and refractors and this card falls in both categories.

... and now the big card of the stack

Yup, Frankie sent me an autograph card of Corey Seager which under the loop looks to be in almost perfect condition other than the auto having a slight streak. Yeah, you know where I am going with this card, straight to BGS and hoping I can add another one of these blue beauties to my gem mint stack.

Once again, thank you to Frankie for being so kind and sending me some great cards.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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