Friday, December 11, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number TWENTY-FIVE - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Clayton Kershaw Base Chrome Bubbles Refractor Parallel (60/99) Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2014 Bowman Chrome Clatyon Kershaw Bubbles Refractor /99

Bubbles, bubbles, give me more bubbles. This is basically a throw in for the batch. Having it come back as a gem mint (as expected) doesn't really add any resale value to the card other than to hardcore Kershaw collectors but since it is numbered and limited why not have another gold banner of Kershaw to file away? This is not the prettiest of cards but I still want it slabbed and this is the perfect time to do just that.

As expected this throw in card received a 9.5 back from BGS but it was a close call as centering came back as only a 9 which I kind of anticipated but didn't write about it because I didn't want to jinx myself on this card.

This card is still very odd looking to me and the only reason I acquired it was because I almost got it for free. The only reason I got it slabbed was because it was at a discount rate. The only reason I am keeping it is because it is another gem for the Kershaw collection. Funny looking or not I am glad I own this card.

Not solid but still a gem

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