Saturday, December 26, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Chrome : Joc Pederson Base Photo Variation

Just like when Matt Kemp got injured and all his card prices dropped like a rock and you could pick up hard to find and/or limited autographs and the like, Joc while not hurt has seen the same thing happen to him in the hobby.

From April to give or take mid June Joc's presence in the card market was scorching hot and anything new that came around went for a pretty penny. I for one did not jump on that wagon. I actually sold stuff at the time as I had a funny feeling that not only could he not sustain the demand but probably would fall mightily which is another reason I hitched my wagon to Seager and Urias. Well I like others were right but the good thing is when this happens you can pick up great cards at great prices and this limited photo variation is one of the 1st I was able to pick up at a discount.

The Beckett price guide has/had this pegged from a high of $60 to a low of $25. Ha Ha Ha. No way was I touching it at the those prices even with extra comic books funds in hand. I waited a good 3 months after the card's release to seriously go after it and it only took one auction to lock down a copy for myself. No hassle and the final price was lower than Beckett's low book.

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