Tuesday, December 15, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number TWENTY-SEVEN - 2013 Allen Ginter : Sandy Koufax Base Mini Parallel EXT Variant Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2013 Allen Ginter Sandy Koufax EXT Mini

My one and only Koufax of the batch as I still don't have a lot of the man in my collection but the ones I do have are all limited in some way or another. This is the EXT mini parallel that could only be found in rip cards and I picked this up in a trade that was in my favor or at least I believe it was. As now just like then I believe this is a solid candidate for gem mint status as everything seems to check out. Corners are sharp, no surface issues and centering looks spot on. Hoping and semi expecting another gold banner here.

I believed this would grade out to a 9.5 and BGS agreed with me as each and every sub grade was a 9.5. With this being the only Koufax in the batch I would have been disappointed if it came back as anything less than a 9.5 but thankfully that is not the case. As I am refocusing my collecting habits to just a handful of players with Koufax being one of them I want to up my collection of graded cards of the former great and this is a nice start.

With this being a $15-40 card the actual slabbing of it does not really raise the resale value of it but if I ever needed to sell it I bet I could get closer to $40 if I did indeed decided to let it go.

Gems all around for all time gem of a player

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  1. I saw Koufax, and thought you posted mine!

    1. LOL...
      I can't claim/post what is not mine.
      I am in the process though of getting all 1955-1966 Koufax cards in graded form and you will see them shortly