Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Corey Seager Major League Debut Ticket

Before this year I never thought of getting tickets autographed but now I have gone from zero to three that I want/need to be signed. Kershaw and Puig debut tickets are already in hand and waiting to be signed at some time in the future but with Corey Seager being my favorite new player to chase after I decided I needed to get his debut ticket signed as well. Thankfully he debuted on the road and not at Dodger Stadium since the Dodger no longer print out hard tickets for season ticket holders. Thank you again for that miscue blue.

It was announced that Corey would debut in San Diego the same day he got called up and I quickly searched out for a hard ticket for me to acquire after the game was played. They were going for higher than I wanted to "pay" on eBay but I thought what about Instagram or Twitter? Maybe someone would be selling/trading them there. I found a trusted IG person that I have never done business with before but other people that I know have worked with him said he was trustworthy. He had multiples so I chose which version I wanted and soon enough we completed the transaction. It was promptly sent and now sits in my book waiting for the day that I can hopefully get Corey to adorn it with his John Hancock.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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  1. Nice catch. Too bad Padres are on the ticket face, lol.