Sunday, December 20, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : David Wright Base Autograph Blue Parallel (2/50) BGS Graded Gem Mint 9.5

With me changing my collection wants, AGAIN, I was in the market to acquire another David autograph. I had one already which happen to be a Five Star card but with me wanting to have my cards in BGS cases and more for storing purposes I moved that one on eBay with the intention of getting a replacement fairly quickly and thankfully that came to pass.

The only non Dodger players I am going after now are players that are in the Hall of Fame or have a very good chance to get there. David falls into that category as at the end of 2015 he will "only" be 33 and has already amassed over 1700 hits and has an average near 300. If he has a healthy 5 more years in him he has a good chance to be near 3000 hits and probably close to 400 home runs to boot. In my opinion that makes him a future member of the Hall of Fame. Probably not fist ballet but eventually.

Gold Standard

The Five Star that I had of David's was a limited (#/20) silver signature and sold promptly. Now to find an encased copy to replace it and the same day the Five Star sold this Tribute card went for sale on eBay. Starting price of 99 cents with a traditional 7 day auction so I was primed and ready to pick this up. Final day and the high bid was still $15 less than what I sold the Five Star for. Put my bid in with a few seconds to spare and was declared the winner a few seconds after that. Final cost was $7 less than the Five Star sale. Nice swap in my opinion as this card fits nicely in my BGS case.


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