Saturday, February 6, 2016

Card of the Day - 1954 Topps : Joe Black Base BVG Graded Excellent Mint 6.5

I had no idea what the final cost of this card would be on eBay but it surely was not the amount I ended up forking over for it.

As I try to gobble up as many vintage graded cards at a bargain as I can I am always on the lookout for Dodger players that aren't the most sought out for and Joe Black happens to be in that group. Everyone wants Koufax, Pee Wee, Drysdale et al but I have love for all vintage Dodgers especially ones that are decked in Brooklyn unis.

When this card is in BVG 7 it books for $150 and when its a BVG 6 it comes in at $40. Quite a steep drop in price from one whole grade level to the next. So if you average out the 2 a 6.5 would come in roughly at $95 give or take. If you went with a low end estimate maybe it comes in at $70. Well this card is only .5 from a 7 so I went with the average of $90 give or take so a bargain would be in the $45 range I would assume. Now that was not my price ceiling as I had my hands in other eBay auctions at the time and Joe was not a priority but when I was declared the winner at a little more than $20 I believed I won this on a steal. A nice win for me and with this card's acquisition it is now the oldest (62 years) card I own in my collection.

.5 from a 7 and $$$

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