Monday, February 22, 2016

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Inception : Julio Urias Inceptioned Autograph (28/35)

What to do...what to do....

Months ago I was all about Seager and Urias but I decided I needed to concentrate on a smaller amount of players and Urias was dropped from my chase lists and I sold/traded off my collection of Julio cards. As I did that I knew there was 1 card that I did not have but at some point I would end up receiving and that time is now and this is that card.

I won this card in redemption form back in September of 2015 and posted about it in October. I moved on from Urias cards in November/December but this card was still M.I.A. and had no idea when I would receive it. Well a couple days ago I received an email from Topps stating that it was on its way and today I officially got it. The card looks beautiful in hand and now the question is what do I do with it? Keep it? Sell it? Trade it?

Centering looks to be perfect and surface and edges look to have no issues. The only problem I see is that one corner looks a tad rounded but I think it would grade out to a 9 at worst and if that holds and everything else gets a 9.5 then I would have a gem mint autograph card that is only limited to 35 of the young phenom. One of the lowest numbered autographs that Julio has on the market.

The one thing I will do is submit it to BGS in a couple weeks and get a raw grade review and if it indeed earns a 9.5 then I might just have to submit it for full slabbing. I think though if it comes back as a 9 then I will flip it on the bay.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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