Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Chrome : Mike Trout Base Purple Refractor Parallel (213/250)

This is a  baseball card my wife will actually "enjoy" that I have added it to my collection for a couple of reasons. One, her love of the color purple and when she sees the color on a card as I bring into the house she loves to claim it as hers and also it depicts a non Dodger and in this case Mike Trout from her favorite team the Angels.

As I have picked up more and more colors from Chrome brands purple is becoming my 3rd favorite color to acquire after black and blue which will always reign supreme in my collecting mind. Even though my goal this off season was to pick up as many graded Trout cards as I could I was/am still on the look out for bargains when it comes to "raw" cards of the young superstar.

This one books for a low of $10 and a high of $25 so when I landed this for less than book on a traditional eBay auction I couldn't be happier. I crossed my fingers that it would come in great condition as I would love to have this in a gem mint case from BGS and once in hand I think it has a good chance to do just that.

Two Hundred and Thirteen
Two Hundred and Fifty

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