Saturday, February 27, 2016

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps High Tek : Sandy Koufax Base Spiral Bricks Parallel Black and White Variant (13/15)

As I have stated many times before my Koufax collection is severely lacking in quantity but I am trying to slowly remedy that "problem". The good thing though is even though the volume is low I believe the quality is high and it only gets better with this card's addition.

While my main focus for Koufax are vintage cards from yesteryear (1955-1966) I keep an eye out for any numbered parallels but there are just not that many to be had. With that said I came across this one on accident and I think it was still available because it was "lost" on eBay. For some reason it did not pull up on a standard search and I found this on "you might like these" suggestions from eBay and this one particular time they were right.

This is a numbered out of only 15 and has no book value assigned to it. I had a price in mind that I thought was fair but the seller had it on a BIN auction at about $25 higher than I was comfortable with. Thankfully he was open to negotiating and a few hours later we agreed to a price that was only $2 higher than my mental ceiling for the card. Before I received the card I had already planned to send it to BGS for grading and now its a sure thing as this looks gem mint to me.

Fifteen and see through

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