Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Card of the Day - 1957 Topps : Pee Wee Reese Base BVG Graded Near Mint 7.0

Pee Wee... the little man that could
Pee Wee... Jackie's friend and teammate
Pee Wee... Dodger great and Hall of Fame member
Pee Wee ... Part of the Penguin's graded vintage collection...finally

I have always admired Pee Wee and his career so much so that even with my liquidation of non core four players that I collect now I decided to keep my 1 of 1 Pee Wee autograph. That piece of history is a prized part of my collection and I don't see it ever leaving my possession (knock on wood). I knew at some point with my new focus on vintage graded cards I would land a Mr. Reese card and I finally did and at a bargain IMO and with the 7 grade attached to it this card is now my highest graded vintage card to date.

When I 1st came across this card on the bay I put it on my watch list but wasn't holding my breath on actually winning the card at anything that I was comfortable with. Surprisingly on the last day there was only 1 bid on it. Unsurprisingly 6 more bids were put on it in the final hour and once again surprisingly I ended up with the top bid and with it I now have this nice vintage Pee Wee in Brooklyn gear to pare up with my Pee Wee autograph.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



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    1. Ty. Long time coming too. I am still looking for a great Jackie card...maybe your shop

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    1. TY
      One of my favorite photos of Pee Wee on a card.
      My other one is (and you probably know it) is the one where he is leaping in the air and basically doing the splits.
      That one is very pricey in good condition.