Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps High Tek : Clayton Kershaw Base Home Uniform Variant

It doesn't matter whether it's home or away, Clayton Kershaw is a the best player on the Dodgers and the best pitcher in baseball hands down. This card shows the Dodger great pitching in his home unis and with that I decided to pursue this High Tek card.

I prefer numbered and limited parallel cards but photo variations still hold a place in my collecting heart and this happens to be a type of "photo" variant. The base card in the set has Kershaw in road grays which I have no intention of acquiring or search for but this home whites card is a SP and holds a book value of $25 to $50 and I wanted to own it if I could find it on a deal.

Even though it's a SP they come up enough regularly on eBay that I just had to wait for the right price at the right time. I happened to lose out on one particular card from a seller but a hour later I was sent a 2nd chance offer for my high bid. I usually think that when this happens its not because the high bidder backed out but the seller had multiples or had someone bidding up his card and then decided to sell to next highest bidder which happened to be me. Normally I would pass but since my high bid was less than low book and I had nothing else going on that day I pulled the trigger and had this variant beauty in hand a few days later.

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