Saturday, March 12, 2016

4 Cards Submitted to Beckett For Raw Grade Review at South Bay Sportscards on March 12th, 2016

... and here we go again.

Last October BGS was in town for one of their twice annual visits to South Bay Sportscards raw grading event and while I thought that my batch was big then this one beats it. I will do my traditional post about all the cards I submitted and what grade I think or hope they will get but just like last time I decided to submit some for raw grading for various reasons. Results and comments will be up in their own posts starting in the next few days.

I "expect" all to receive a 9.5 so there is no particular order for them in this post unlike the full submission post I will go over in a week or so. With that here are the cards :

2014 Bowman "Inceptioned" Julio Urias Autograph (28/35)

On this card's original post I stated I don't know what I am eventually going to do with this card as I no longer collect Urias cards. With that said I think this card is in great condition and I hope that BGS agrees and if they do I will get it fully slabbed and flip it for another PC need.

Looking at the card's condition the only thing I see possibly wrong is that one corner is slightly rounded but in my opinion not enough to downgrade it to anything lower than a 9. All other sub grades should at least earn a 9.5 as it looks perfectly centered and surface looks great.

And with that said if it earns anything less than a 9.5 on the review I will be flipping it immediately on eBay as raw but hopefully it doesn't come to that.

2014 Topps Strata Clayton Kershaw Autograph (13/25)

Now here is an interesting card. Once again I will be submitting a Strata card which I believe should earn a 9.5. I once had a Ken Griffey Jr. Strata which did earn a 9.5 like I expected it to but BGS stated that they could not slab it due to it being too thick. Of course you might have heard me bitch and moan about that for months as there are examples of BGS slabbing Stratas INCLUDING a similar Griffey card. WTH? I finally gave up and got rid of that Griffey for another Griffey but here I am again.

Fast recap on this card, it was on eBay for almost a year and the price finally dropped so far that I couldn't not pick it up hence why I acquired it. So I am trying my luck once again as when the card made it into my hands it looks to be in as good as shape as the Griffey aka gem mint 9.5. Hoping since a year has passed since that Griffey card issue that BGS has gotten their act together. Knocking on wood as I want to be able to store this bad boy easily.

2011 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Black Refractor (21/62) PSA 10

This is where I will be putting to test the theory of PSA 10 = at least BGS 9.5 if not a 10.

When i picked this card up I knew I would be doing this at the next BGS raw grading event. I could just send it to Dallas and cross my fingers that it will be cracked open and slabbed with a 9.5 as PSA deems it as a gem mint so shouldn't BGS be on the same page? Well I've heard that most times than not that is the case but I rather know for sure so I will be going the raw grade route first with this limited Kershaw card. I have 2 more black Heritage chromes in my batch and would like to add this with a guaranteed gold sticker attached to it.

2016 Topps Corey Seager Framed (15/16)

One of the last cards for the BGS batches. This card was 100% going into the bigger batch that is going to BGS without going through the raw grade review but once I had this in hand I just had to know NOW if it will be a pristine 10. I have had pretty good luck with these framed parallels from Topps and I expect it to continue with this one.

When I received this I could not see a single thing wrong with this card and I am pretty confident it will receive a 9.5 but I'm greedy on this one and wanted to see now if it might actually be a 10. No matter the grade (9.5 or 10) it will be going to BGS for slabbing but if it is a 10 this card's value will skyrocket.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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