Saturday, March 26, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Chrome : Mike Trout Base Pink Refractor Parallel

Pink? Really?
I love my colored parallels but this particular color was never on my radar until I kept seeing it sell for a pretty dollar in a BGS gem mint case. Well I wanted to join the party but instead of paying a pretty penny for a graded copy I wanted to a acquire a raw version of it and then add it to my submission batch to BGS. Of course with that thinking I had to score one on a deal to make it worthwhile. Off to eBay I went once again looking for my pink prize.

While book has attached a high of $20 for this card I was thinking more in the line of a single digit purchase. While this is an unnumbered parallel there seems to be a lot of demand for it. I couldn't secure one for weeks as most copies approached $10 which was too rich for my blood. Well this copy sat on my watch list for a month as the seller wanted over $10 but it looked to be in great condition. I hoped that someday he would lower his asking price and indeed he did one day as I woke up to see his price was slashed to $5. Now that is a deal and I soon had it in hand. Under closer inspection this looks to be a gem mint card and I shall see in a couple weeks as I did indeed throw into my most recent BGS submission.

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