Sunday, March 20, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps : Corey Seager Base Gold Parallel (586/2016)

Corey Seager baseball card...
Yes that is what this is but that is all that a seller put for his title on his eBay auction. This card happens to be a little more than that.

Upon closer inspection you can tell that this is the gold parallel of the Dodger phenom. I never had the intention of picking this card up as the print run is high and the book value is roughly $30. Past eBay sales have ranged from $17-$30 with the average being around $20 ish. That was another reason why I was staying away from the card, Well during one of my standard Corey searches this card showed up with the aforementioned title with a BIN price of $2.75. Yes, two dollars and seventy-five cents. No way was I going to pass on that especially if it came to me in good condition which from closer inspection it's not that bad, It actually is in decent enough shape that it borders on a 9/9.5 in my opinion and I ended up sending it to Beckett for grading. If it comes back with a 9.5 then I scored a major coup but even if it comes back as a 9 I still made a profit if I ever do decide to sell it. Thank you again Mr. eBay seller who decided to be vague.

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