Thursday, March 17, 2016

BGS RCR Recap Number 4 From March 12, 2016 - 2016 Topps : Corey Seager Base Framed Parallel (15/16) Now BGS Gem Mint 9.5

2016 Topps Corey Seager Framed (15/16)

One of the last cards for the BGS batches. This card was 100% going into the bigger batch that is going to BGS without going through the raw grade review but once I had this in hand I just had to know NOW if it will be a pristine 10. I have had pretty good luck with these framed parallels from Topps and I expect it to continue with this one.

When I received this I could not see a single thing wrong with this card and I am pretty confident it will receive a 9.5 but I'm greedy on this one and wanted to see now if it might actually be a 10. No matter the grade (9.5 or 10) it will be going to BGS for slabbing but if it is a 10 this card's value will skyrocket.

... and we have reached the final card of the 4 card batch that was submitted to BGS for a raw review last Saturday. Even though I was highly confident that this would earn a gold banner I still crossed my fingers as I had a plan in motion that needed the gold banner for it to be realized. And even with the confidence of a 9.5 coming back I still held out hope it might even earn a pristine 10. Survey says...

... no 10 but the expected gold 9.5 banner is affixed to the card and my plan was/is now complete.

Though Seager is a PC and it hurts me to let this go I just had to as I am going with the sell high buy low practice. A lot of people, myself included, think this card is a tad inflated right now with minimal room for upward movement in price and that eventually it should fall back a little. Of course if Corey lights it up to begin the season then this card will be skyrocket even more. Even with that possibility I decided to move it now than potentially have it lose its value while I continue to own it.

This card coupled with Monday's Urias one I contacted an eBay seller/buyer I had done business with on numerous occasions and wanted to see if he was interested in them and knowing he PC's both I knew he would be intrigued. After all was said and done (which literally took only 30 minutes) we agreed on a price and with it I was able to cover the biggest off season Trout acquisition (which will see it's own post somewhere down the road as I don't have the card yet and I have to run through my BGS results starting in 2 weeks) AND more than half of the cost to submit all my cards to BGS.

Selling high and buying low with a great plan that came to fruition happens once again for me and I couldn't be happier other than having to let this beauty go. Maybe someday another copy will make it back into my hands but even if it doesn't this transaction was for the best. I look at this way: Selling/trading a Seager card who while having huge upside is still unproven for a limited rookie card of a future Hall of Fame member, Trout, in gem mint condition AND paying off more than half of the submission cost for the full slab batch is a no brainer for me.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Really smart move, although it sucks to let a 9.5 like that go. Now you have more moola for Kershaw autos!!!

    1. I wish...
      Snagged a 2011 BC Blue 9.5 of Trout and paid off most of the submission. But hell, no money out of pocket for 62 cards going to BGS? Yes please