Saturday, March 12, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps : Corey Seager Base Black and White Negative Parallel

This is my 3rd only post when it comes to the paper cards from this year's Topps release. But I have owned more than 8 but this and the Kershaw black and white are the only ones where their condition was up to par. Not sure if I am the only one (I'm sure I'm not) but I have seen a lot of chipping and quality issues with these cards. That said I have sold those other cards to pick up other cards that fit my condition requirements. This card though will stay with me.

I was attending a UCLA basketball game a few weeks ago and this card's auction was due to end during the game so I wasn't going to play the bidding war during the game so I put in a token "low" bid and at that time it made me the high bidder. What was surprising was that after the game I checked back in on this card's auction and my bid stuck and I won the card. Surprise surprise.

I didn't expect much while I waited for it to make it to me. I had already set up an auction to sell it but when it did come in I was pleasantly surprised that it was in good enough condition to at least garner a 9 from BGS I think. There is actually an outside chance it might earn a 9.5 but I won't hold my breath. These photo negative cards are pretty looking and will look great in a BGS case.

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