Friday, March 11, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Supreme : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph

Topps puts out so much product over any given calendar year that at some point you have so much staring back at you that there is too much to chose from. The market hits a saturation point and while that can hurt a particular card's value as it is not as desired as the next, new and sparkly card but on the flip side it can drive down prices on the aftermarket for people that hunt for deals, myself included.

My desire and long term collection goal is still to own 100 Kershaw autographs. Obviously most will be in card form but I do have a ticket and photo so that counts as 2 of the hopeful 100. Of course my "need" to have them as on card autographs make the hunt harder as those are usually a tad pricier and more desirable. When Supreme came out I never had any intention of acquiring a Kershaw autograph from that set as I had my eyes on bigger prizes but with the market flooded with new product and the 2016 season inching closer to Opening Day I noticed that this brand's autographs were coming down in price, Clayton included.

While this card is not one of the more visually appealing cards I own the fact that is has a book value of $40-100 and the starting asking price was lower than book and I was the only one to bid on it made the acquisition more attractive in the grand scheme of things. Of course the next step is submitting it to BGS for grading and while I only keep BGS 9 or better when it comes to Kershaw autographs I see no reason why this one wont earn that grade as it looks to be in good shape.

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