Thursday, March 24, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Heritage : Corey Seager Base Single Player Photo Variation

I enjoy surprises like most people but when it pertains to a Dodger I collect I get slightly irritated as I have to change my plans on the fly to pick up a card that I did not know would exist which is what this Corey card happened to be.

The Heritage brand from Topps likes to sprinkle in surprises and some can be figured out prior to it's release such as color swaps, gum stain, etc. You just have to use an educated guess which player might be showcased. This year though they decided to have a handful of star rookies have their own card in addition to their2 player card they were already announced to be on. Well once I found out Corey was one of the rookies to receive this treatment I knew I would need to get my hands on a copy and as expected the prices right out the gate were high. I knew they there would be plenty if I were to wait a few days which is what I did and in that time I sold some comic codes and when I had enough I went back to eBay and found this copy which I promptly acquired.

Knowing I would want to send it to BGS for grading I held out hope that it would come in good condition to me. Once in hand I would say its maybe a 50/50 chance it earns a gold banner but that didn't stop me from submitting it and now I wait for the result.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Great minds think alike! I've got one headed my way, but the centering on yours looks to be better. I really want the blue auto version of this card, but the prices are still insanely high at the moment.

    1. You know it.
      I was pleasantly pleased with centering but that frayed corners is irritating. I want the autos as well but for that price Id rather save and get another BC Seager auto of Kershaw auto. Plus for this year's releases I rather have an auto of Seager from Ginter and/or 5 Star

    2. Same here, as A&G and Five Star are my favorite Topps releases, with Gypsy Queen not far behind.

    3. I'd probably go Topps Chrome/A&G/Five Star all the same but for different reasons. Five Star for the autos, A&G for the numbered minis and framed autos and Chrome because I have always liked the look and the black and blue parallels.
      Surprisingly I just never got into Gypsy. Cards here and there yes but overall just not my cup of tea. Go figure