Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps : Mike Trout Base Framed Parallel (15/16)

Corey Seager or Mike Trout ?
Mike Trout of Corey Seager?

That was my dilemma and in the end I chose the proven talent over the super rookie even though I am a Dodger fan first and foremost but you just can't deny Mike's greatness and resume.

Daily readers might remember I picked up the black parallel (#/65) of Corey Seager from this year's Topps release but if not you can read about it HERE . I love(d) the card but what irritated me was that there were 2 corners which showed white already. Knowing that it was a paper card (non chrome) I expected a possible issue when I acquired it but upon closer inspection I just couldn't get my mind to accept it as I wanted to get it graded and my best estimate was that it would come back as an 8.5. Unacceptable for my collection. What to do? Well here was plan B and a good second choice it was.

Corey's card prices are skyrocketing on a daily basis right now and I knew I could get major coin for a card I spent nothing for so when this Mike Trout card popped up (which was always a goal to acquire at some point anyways) I saw my opportunity to change my frown into a smile. I posted the Seager on eBay and as expected I cleared more than enough to pick up this limited (16 copies only) framed parallel of the young superstar.

So in the end I went from a probable 8.5 return of a unproven but potential star to a possible 9.5/10 of a proven superstar who is on a Hall of Fame career path. I think I made the right choice. Off to BGS this card goes.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Wise call with the Seager. This shot of Trout is definitely my favorite. OC Dugout had a special a few weeks ago for a 10X? signed Trout photo like this one.

    1. Its a great shot. I remember when I watched it live and I continue to be amazed by what Mike can do. Yeah, Ill try to get another Seager down the road but 2 corners were showing white and I love 9.5's and knew that Seager would be a 8.5 at best