Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BGS RCR Recap Number 3 From March 12, 2016 - 2011 Topps Heritage : Clayton Kershaw Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel (21/62) Now BGS Gem Mint 9.5

2011 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Black Refractor (21/62) PSA 10

This is where I will be putting to test the theory of PSA 10 = at least BGS 9.5 if not a 10.

When i picked this card up I knew I would be doing this at the next BGS raw grading event. I could just send it to Dallas and cross my fingers that it will be cracked open and slabbed with a 9.5 as PSA deems it as a gem mint so shouldn't BGS be on the same page? Well I've heard that most times than not that is the case but I rather know for sure so I will be going the raw grade route first with this limited Kershaw card. I have 2 more black Heritage chromes in my batch and would like to add this with a guaranteed gold sticker attached to it.

With the 2 plain old mint returns out of the way we finish off with the remaining 2 and with this one I breath a sigh of relief. Of the 4 cards I submitted for a raw grade this was the most important and the one that I wasn't sure how it was going to pan out.

Love seeing those beautiful red stripes. I have submitted cards before looking for a bump and if you do indeed receive the bump you will see this red stickers. This time though I submitted this Kershaw card that was certified by PSA as gem mint but being a Beckett snob I wanted to have it encased in one of their cases.

As stated from my original post up top I had heard that for the most part that if PSA says its a 10 then BGS will more likely than not give it at least a 9.5. Of course there is no guarantee and from my eyes I can tell that centering is not the best and I have  feeling that when I receive this back from BGS that this card will be a weak 9.5 (3 9.5's and a 9) but that is fine by me as I now have for certain my 2nd Heritage black chrome of Kershaw in a gold banner. 3 results down with 1 left.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I absolutely love this one! I only have the regular refractor, but I would love to add this one as well. Can you give my some advice on the price range for this? I've seen some very high prices for these on ebay, so I'm hoping you can help me out. Congrats on the 9.5!

    1. Thank you.
      Wait till you see tomorrow's recap which I think you can figure out which one that is. Flipped it to in a heartbeat and made out like a bandit.
      I talked the seller from Asia on this from 200 to a 100 but out of pocket cost was like 20 as I had built up funds from comic sales.
      I think 100 was about 25-35 too high but since it was minimal out of pocket and I couldn't find it anywhere else I thought it was a good deal.
      I would say raw shouldnt put you out more than 50 ish if you can find it.

  2. I already know what tomorrow's recap is gonna be, and you know I'm gonna be super jealous! ;-) I can't wait to see how the grading turned out.

    1. I promptly sold it too to a guy that I knew would want it.
      Doubled my purchase price which covered a good portion of the BGS batch (62 cards) AND more importantly picked up a 2011 BC Blue Trout BGS. Went with proven HOF career track talent over unproven just like we discussed
      = )