Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Heritage : Mike Trout Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel (18/67)

... and here it is. The final card that I submitted to BGS back on the 12th of this month and it's a biggie and the 2nd of 3 "big" cards that were on my checklist for this year's Heritage set.

Daily readers probably have noticed that for the past month or so I have only showcased raw cards in lieu of graded cards. That is because I wanted to present each of the cards I intended to send in for grading and this limited black chrome of Mr. Trout is the final one. I will posting a BGS report post tomorrow recapping each one that was sent in and my thoughts on the return grades they might receive.

I already landed the Kershaw black chrome (also in the BGS batch) and the only other black one left for me to pick up was Trout and after talking to the seller I was able to strike a deal and had him send a direct offer on eBay.

Last year's Trout Heritage card came to me in raw form just like this one and when I submitted it to BGS I was lucky enough to have it earn a gold banner. This one though is 50/50 on repeating that as there is ever a small nick on one of the corners. Of course that can only be seen under a loop so maybe just maybe that holds at 9.5. Centering is the other concern as it's not 50/50 but is it centered enough to still earn a 9.5? Hope so.

One Hundred

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