Thursday, March 3, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps : Corey Seager Base Framed Parallel (15/16)


After watching all the other Seager copies sell prior to this one I believed I would not be able to land one myself. First because this is the 8th such copy to sell as I have been tracking them, that means there are only 8 other copies and I know there will be some lucky Dodger fan(s) that will pull it out of a pack and be keeping it into their collection with no intention of selling. That said I knew the next time I saw one I had to act quickly if I was to get it.

Since the release of the set I have been constantly refreshing my feed to see when this (Trout and Kershaw as well) card will pop up next. A few of the other previous ones I literally saw it and clicked on the auction and it was gone already. I am not the only one looking for this card obviously. Well one day lady luck was on my side as I refreshed and the auction literally was live for about 90 seconds. Could not believe my luck and I quickly hit the button and had his bad boy in my hands 5 days later. Once it was in front of me it looks like a lock to earn a 9.5 and if I am really lucky it might garner a pristine 10 from BGS. I have a Kershaw that is a 10 so it could happen. Either grade will obviously drive the value of this card up and hope that lady luck continues when I submit it to BGS next week.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I've only been able to secure Neil Walker for the Pirates. I dropped the ball on some Francisco Cervelli's by forgetting to bid. Both went for below market prices.

    Congrats on the Seager.

    1. Just like last year these framed ones are insane to get a hold. Glad you at least got one. With a print run of just 16 its even harder this year but thankfully there is only 1 Kershaw instead of 4. Still not sure what I am going to do with this one. Sell high?

      Thank you sir

    2. If I were you I would sell it now, because Seager cards are peaking big time right, and as you said, these are a hot commodity. I have two 9.5 Bowman Chrome Seager variations, so I think I might be listing a card on ebay tonight for the very first time. I see that you already have a 9.5 variation of your own :-)

    3. I dont only have the variation I actually just completed the whole rainbow which I saw the variation is part of. 16 cards. I take more pride in that than I do on this one. Will be doing a special post on the whole set when I get them back from BGS.

      BGS is town next week so if I can get this to score a 10 I will be sitting pretty and probably pick up a couple Kershaw autos and a Trout one.
      Good luck on your auction and I think you will clear at least $100 for it if not more

    4. SBay for BGS am I right? I saw you have the red and the canary! I was going to try and complete the rainbow, but I totally missed the boat on it. I had been watching the red and canary for a while, but I was on a card buying hiatus at the time. At least you ended up with them though. It makes me feel better.

    5. Yup, SBay. Have 4 other ppl in on it so it makes it cheaper. I though have 57 cards Im doing with all the raws from the past 3 weeks or so and next 10 days worth.

      That canary sat on eBay for months. No way that it would sit with no one stepping up and buying it now. His demand is so high. The red I was really surprised on. Did that off ebay with the guy in Korea and I was nervous about it arriving. I just snagged the final one, orange, so that will be going to BGS