Sunday, October 27, 2013

Card of the Day - 1999 Topps : Raul Mondesi Autograph

Reached back to the 90's to get an autograph of the player our current Yasiel Puig reminds people of a little. The five tool player known as Raul Mondesi was like a little bull in a china shop back in the day and was known for what Puig brings to the plate everyday in the present. They both have an air of cockiness around them and seem to have a chip on their shoulder and play at times with reckless abandon. Hopefully Puig's star doesn't deem as Raul's did in his time in the big leagues.

I always enjoyed watching Raul on the field and thought he could have been so much more but it wasn't meant to be. I am still looking to acquire a signed ball of him but until that time comes I have been on look out for an autographed card of his. Started my search and found that there was just not that much to chose from. This card came up for auction one day and luckily even though this was the first time I bid on a Raul card I won it as since the close I have yet to see another one eBay that deserved my attention. In the end there were actually two other bids prior to mine so I wasn't the only one that wanted to get my hands on it but I prevailed with my winning bid being a tad over $6. Seemed a bit pricey for Raul but considering I won't be looking for another one of Raul I am good with it.

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