Friday, October 4, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Dee Gordon Green Refractor Autograph ( 158 / 199 )

Well with me trying to acquire the "rainbow" collection for Jerry Sands my eyes are also set on trying to do the same with Dee Gordon from the same 2011 Finest set. His cards are pricier than Jerry's so I think this project will take longer to complete but I did get my hands on the first piece to the set.

Most of the cards for Dee in the 2011 Finest set are closing too high for my taste or are set at buy it now's which are also too high. This one was a rarity in that it was done as an old fashioned auction with a starting bid of .99 cents. Gave myself a little higher price ceiling for Dee I set out to get this card hopefully at a relatively low amount. Some action to be expected happened as the auction wound down to it's end and with a few seconds left I put my bid in and won the card for a nickel over $5. So I spent a little green to acquire this green and happy it came at a low amount.

158 of 199.

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