Saturday, October 19, 2013

Card of the Day - 2009 Bowman Chrome : Josh Lindblom Refractor Autograph ( 341 / 500 )

Another day and another low amount spent on eBay for a former Dodger.

Josh is currently on the Rangers team as a starting pitcher but up until last year before being traded he was an above average reliever for the Dodgers. He was traded in one of the multiple bad mid summer trades that Ned Colletti likes to do every year and he didn't disappoint last year in shipping out Josh. We could have used him last year and this year but Ned once again was going for a quick fix per se. Always did like Josh and he was always personable when approached. He did a lot of good in the community and continues to do so now in Texas. He was even nice enough to sign for me in New York when I was there last year as I told him I was a Dodger fan from L.A. I think it helped that I was the only one in the stadium that yelled out his first name while he was playing for the Phillies.

Didn't have an on card signature of Josh so I went to my favorite auction site and found a few and this one had a starting bid of $3 with free shipping. I didn't expect to pay too much for it but I also didn't expect to be the only bidder which ended up happening. So for a measly $3 I received this numbered rookie card delivered to my home. Just love the flow of the signature.

341 out of 500.

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