Friday, October 25, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps : Matt Kemp Golden Moments Insert Autograph

Another autographed Kemp card at another great price.

I've seen copies of this card for months now and though I have bid on a it here and there I wasn't overly pressed to acquire it as there are many other cards of Kemp that I have or wanted to get my hands on. But at the same time if a bargain price came along for this card I wasn't going to pass on it either.

The card books at $25 and considering the past year or so of his underperforming on the field I think that it is overpriced hence why I never won it as most of the auctions closed at over $20 for it. I still think next year will be a great rebound year for Mr. Kemp. It's been great picking up his cards for way under book until he rounds back into form. With that being said this card came up once again on auction and once again I put in my high bid but this time I actually won it. The end price came to a little under $13. I know this is a sticker autograph and that has become more and more annoying as I have expanded my collection but it is still an autograph of Matt so I didn't blink an eye at the sticker. Another card added to my ever growing Matt Kemp autograph collection.