Saturday, October 5, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Corey Seager Top 100 Insert Die Cut Variant ( 43 / 99 )

Finally.... another project is done from this year's Bowman set.

I have been collecting the Top 100 Insert set of the Dodgers which are included in the Bowman series and have had all of them for awhile but I still needed the die cut variants where there are only 99 of each player produced. Puig, check, Ryu, check, Pederson, check and then there was Corey Seager. I just couldn't get my hands on one at any reasonable price until now and then it was a steal for me.

There have not been many die cuts available on eBay and most have been going for over $10 for a card that books at $15. I just couldn't pull the trigger once it double digits so I just had to remain patient and finally it paid off. One day there were two different cards being sold by two different sellers so I was going to be in on both. The first one was ending and I put my bid in and low and behold someone over bid me with the auction closing at over $11. Ugh. Again. Next up was this card and it ended sometime around 9:30 PST so that might have been the deciding factor for me as I won it for a paltry $4 delivered to my house. Not going to complain and just going to be happy that I finally have completed another small project at a great cost. Look forward to seeing Corey up with our team sometime in the near future.

43 / 99 and man it seems like I saw at least 30 of these pass through my hands on eBay.

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