Sunday, October 20, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Corey Seager Rising Thru The Ranks Mini Refractor Blue Variant ( 5 / 250 ) . . . AKA eBay Bucks Purchase Number 3.5

With the other purchase of the Seager cards I thought I was tapped out of eBay bucks but noticed I still had $5 left to use but couldn't really find something that was at that price. I was already going to purchase this card or at least attempt to and with the new found $5 to play with I had a little wiggle room.

With this being a numbered blue variant I knew this was going to go for more than $5 as every time I have gone after a Corey card that was not a base version I have had to enter a slight bidding war with someone. As expected there was a few bids on this card and as it was nearing the auction's end I put my bid in for a little higher than usual and won it for $8.07. A bit pricey for a newly released card but with the $5 certificate thrown in my total was a mere $3.07. Reasonable enough for me. So I guess this qualifies as a half eBay bucks purchase. Whatever I call it it's still a good purchase for me.

And that is the end of the eBay bucks for this quarter. Looking forward to January already as with Christmas shopping needs to be done that means more chances for me to earn more during the next quarter.

Blue Variant

5 / 250

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