Thursday, October 10, 2013

Card of the Day - 2008-09 Upper Deck Trilogy : Jonathan Bernier Autograph

Back to Canada I go to acquire another hockey card. That country has been the hotbed for me in getting my King cards for my set. Finally a very difficult one to get for me is my hands. Former back-up goalie Jonathan Bernier.

Jonathan has since been traded to the Maple Leafs but when he was with the Kings he was a very good back up to Quick. Both Jonathans have been difficult to acquire on eBay as I have lost many of auctions on both of them. I am still searching for Quick at a reasonable price.

Most of Bernier's auctions I have been losing out on have closed at above $15 and that was too rich for my blood. Yet again another copy of this card went up for bid and surprisingly there were no bids up to the last hour of the auction. With a few scant seconds left I put my bid in and won it for a little over $11 delivered to my house. Considering all the auctions I have lost on that is a great price in my eyes. One goalie checked off my list with one more to go.

Hard plastic case came with it. Bonus !

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