Monday, October 7, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Panini : Alyssa Milano Fans of the Game Autograph

I've had this card for quite some time ( a few months if not closer to 4 ) but even though I associate Alyssa with the Dodgers more than the Kings I held if off until today. Home game number 1 for the Kings for the 2013-14 season. I have never seen her depicted in Dodger gear on any card but I have seen this card numerous times hence why I waited until today to post about it. As with her I am a Dodger fan first but Kings come in a close second.

I met Alyssa years ago at a book signing but was not able to have her sign any memorabilia at that time so I have always looked for a card or ball with her autograph on it. I finally was able to acquire one in the form of this card. From a visual point of view the card is very plain looking with her in a Kings sweater. Nonetheless I had to get this card.

The card number is 7 in the series which is my good luck and marriage number so that had to be a good sign. It has Alyssa's autograph with her representing my second favorite team the Kings. I would not be denied this card and I was not. Money out of pocket, zero. Enjoyment of acquiring card, a lot.

Forever blue and Go Kings Go!!!

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