Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Movie Review : Gravity

Sandra Bullock plays a medical specialist named Ryan Stone who is up in space with fellow astronaut Matt Kowalski played by George Clooney. Dr. Stone's mission is to make some adjustments to the Hubble telescope while Matt is the commander who is on his final mission and is trying to break the all time record of spacewalking.

While making her final adjustments to the telescope, she and the rest of the crew are alerted by Houston control that a Russian satellite that was destroyed and fragmented now has its debris headed toward them at a high speed and will damage their shuttle if they do not get out of there at that precise moment. The message was too little too late as the debris takes out the ship and the whole crew other than Matt and Ryan who was still attached to the Hubble and is spun out so far from the crash site she is but a blip among the stars. Matt ends up rescuing Ryan but they now have to figure out how to get home with no shuttle. Option one is the International Space Station (ISS). Miles away they have to figure out how to get there with Matt's jet pack that is running out of fuel and Ryan's oxygen tank running low.

With option one not working out they have to figure out another way to get home and now have to concentrate on a Chinese station over 60 miles away from the ISS. Even if they make it that far the debris that destroyed their ship will be making another pass along its orbit once they would reach the Chinese station. Even if they make it that far they don't know if someone is there to help them or if not if anything is functional that could help get them home.

VERDICT : A hard movie to review without given away plot lines that would spoil the movie and its ending. The one word I would give it though is T E N S E. With the rest of the crew perishing at the beginning of the movie Sandra and George are the only ones left of the screen for the rest of the movie. And they make it work. Dr. Stone is also dealing with the loss of her daughter and her wanting or not wanting to live and must come to a decision on that matter. Matt or whatever role George pays is charming and gives the only "humor" that the film has to offer. Sandra and George work well together on the big screen and would love to see them together again on another collaboration. The special effects are top notch and like most movies I did not chose to watch it in 3D and for this one I think I made a mistake as I have heard that added another layer to the film.

This film definitely is not for everyone as people going in thinking they will see an action film in space will leave disappointed. This film is more about human spirit and the will to live or not live. Sandra gives a very good performance for the material she is given and George is fun as always. A for sure THUMBS UP to this movie with a slight leaning towards watching this on the big screen and not waiting for the small one if you are so inclined to watch it as well.

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