Thursday, October 17, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Clayton Kershaw Fit The Bill Die Cut X-Fractor Insert ( 4 / 24 ) and Base Blue Refractor Variant ( 102 / 250 ) . . . AKA eBay Bucks Purchase Number 2

Onto the second of three eBay bucks purchases. Let the "free" cards keep on coming. Unlike the last quarter I decided to get some non autograph cards this time as the new release of Bowman Chrome just hit the street. I wanted some Kershaw cards and these are the ones I focused on.

For those that read this blog constantly you know I just love me the blue variants from all sets as the Dodger players look great surrounded by a blue border. A seller had the blue bordered variant of Kershaw for his Bowman Chrome base card but the real draw was that the Fit The Bill Insert card which was included in the auction as well. These specific versions have a print run of only 24. While it's possible I could come across one down the road why not get it now if I could since it was coupled with another card I wanted. At the end of the auction I ended up getting these for $13. Of course with the bucks involved that would lower my price to . . . $0. Love that total. Great looking, limited Kershaws added to the collection.

Pretty blue and die cut cards

Die Cut 4 of 24 and Blue Variant 102 of 250

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