Monday, October 14, 2013

Card of the Day - 2003 Sweet Spot : Duke Snider Blue Ink Autograph

Man do I love these Sweet Spot cards and my collection of them is starting to pick up some steam. This card has a lot going for it as first it is a Sweet Spot card, second it showcases an old timer in the form of Duke Snider and thirdly it shows him in Brooklyn gear which I always love.

This is my first Duke signed card as I have lost many of auctions pertaining to him as he is still popular and I didn't want to overspend on the card. Saw this beauty come up on eBay one day and it was in the familiar 7 day auction mode so I added it to my watch list. The seller had a starting bid of just $10. With the card booking at $40 I expected it to close at least somewhere in the $20 range. I was wrong and couldn't be happier. Last day of the auction had arrived and not a single bid on it which I found very surprising. Minute left and still nothing going and with time winding down I put my bid in and expected to be sniped at the last minute but instead I won the card for the original asking price of $10. A great find and buy. Looks great and even came with an acrylic case to boot.

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